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    That’s what movies were about in the beginning: purely entertainment. But slowly and surely, they evolved, setting trends, changing ways of life, impacting the way we live, love, and learn. This is what it is today. Like other art forms – books, music, painting, sermons, theater - movies can be a powerful tool… or they can be meaningless or, worse still, damaging.

    And so we believe that a film should, first and foremost not be harmful. It should be a pleasure, a pleasure to make, and a pleasure to watch. And maybe we can learn a few lessons along the way.

    As the founder of Narrow Street Films, I believe it is my duty to make my films as entertaining as I am capable, as harmless as possible, and as truthful as can be. And when it comes to VIDEO PRODUCTION the rules are no different, the message of our clients, the truth in how we deal with customers, honesty, forwardness, courtesy. The message we are giving to the world about YOUR company and YOUR mission has to be truthful and clear.

    Truth: The whole of idea of movies is a lie to begin with, but I am a strong believer in truth, truth of heroes, truth of good, truth of the third way.
    The way to a work of art is down a Narrow Street.

    God Bless,

    Terry Traynor
    Founder of Narrow Street films

    “A film is a lie telling a truth”
    Glenn Coleman


    and ACTION!
    The places we've gotten to go with this company
    A very cool location
    A very cool shot
    Checking sound, checking the sound
    A rare opportunity to be mentioned in the local news paper, local for the Northern country
    A poster for one of our biggest productions NOT THAT GUY!
    Yeah, making sure he's filming it right
    Smiles is always nice to see on set