• Prescott Park Arts Festival and Lanyard Information


    Please visit Prescott Park to view the schedule of events.  

    We have 6 lanyards to all events unless otherwise listed below.  Please plan to pick up the lanyards between noon and 4 pm on the day of the event and return them by noon the following day.  Remember, someone is waiting for those lanyards!  If you can't return them by noon the following day or pick them up between noon and 4 the day of the event, please do not reserve the lanyards.  

    These lanyards provide free entry into the Prescott Park event instead of requiring the customary donation of $8-12 per person.  Of course you are welcome to contribute to this great organization if you wish. 

    Please reserve your tickets here.  The lanyards are not reserved until you receive a confirmation email.


    Ticket Availability

    All tickets to all events are currently available except
    •7/12 only 3 remain for Foy Vance

    •8/16 no lanyards remain