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  • Business of the Year Application 2019

    Please complete this application to be considered for Business of the Year Award given by the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce. The Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce will once again honor exemplary businesses in the Exeter area at the annual Business of the Year celebration being held Thursday, March 28, 2019, at the Ashworth by the Sea.

    Awards will be given in the following categories: Business Services, Education/Nonprofit, Financial/ Insurance, Health/ Wellness, Manufacturing/ Technology, Real Estate/Construction/Engineering, Retail/Wholesale, and Tourism/Hospitality.

    Applicants must be members of the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce and exemplify good business practices, contribute to their communities and serve as role models for other businesses. Businesses that have won a Business of the Year Award in the last four (4) years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) are not eligible to win. Judging will be done by previous winners of the local or state award.

    The application deadline is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 after which the online form will no longer be available. Please contact Bobbi Vandenbulcke with any questions at 603-772-2411 (Ext. 3).
    Contact Information
    Your Contact Information
    Please complete the following application. Please note that you are limited to 2,000 characters in the sections that require a narrative.
    Please provide a brief description of the company, its main business activities and its mission/vison statement.
    Please detail the success of the business. This can include growth, employment strength, new inventions or something else that speaks to what you consider this company's success. You have 2000 characters. Please try to use bullet points when possible.
    Please explain how the company has impacted the industry for which you are applying. This can include new processes, inventions, volunteerism, industry advisory or leadership positions or anything else the company has done to contribute to their industry.
    Please detail how the company has contributed to the community through volunteerism, philanthropy or other actions.
    Please upload letters of recommendation (at least 2 but as many as 5)
    Public company's should upload a copy of their annual financial report and private companies are asked to submit a letter from their accountant or bank or provide a general ledger indicating financial health. All business must be in good standing with both the state and federal government.
    Please upload a list of the companies, officers, directors or executives and their titles.
    Please upload any other information including awards, pictures, etc. These items should assist the judges in evaluating your application (limit 10 items).