• Chamber Scholarship

  • The Exeter Area Charitable Foundation is the charitable arm of The Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce.

    Beginning in 2016, we intend to provide scholarships to defray tuition expenses for individuals enrolled in or planning to enroll in post-secondary educational programs including, trade or vocational certificate programs and two or four-year college, university or similar post-secondary educational institutions.

    The Foundation will give scholarships either in fixed dollar amount increments or in varying amounts designed to pay for or supplement the cost of the recipient's tuition. Scholarships may be one-time grants to individuals for a particular academic semester or year, or may be recurring annual grants to the recipient until the recipient has completed his or her intended program or degree or fails to meet the eligibility criteria.  

    Our new scholarship is an addition to the years of work done by our Chamber Children's Fund and the Festival of Trees providing warm bedding and clothing to area families.

    We invite you to fill out the application below.  The deadline for the initial application is May 31st and the deadline for the second step is June 10th.  Please n